LifeSaveHer The Podcast

Interview With Lauren Muir on Goals and Mindset

January 27, 2022 Brittany A Johnson Season 3
LifeSaveHer The Podcast
Interview With Lauren Muir on Goals and Mindset
Show Notes

This weeks episode is an Interview with Lauren Muir. Lauren and Brittany discuss ways to create goals and change our mindset to fit the goals.
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Lauren is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Life Coach. Lauren received a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Administration  at the University of Louisville and a Master of Arts Degree in Mental Health Counseling  at Webster University. Lauren is currently a Doctoral student at Capella University pursuing a degree in Human Services with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Management.

Lauren has over 15  years’ of experience providing services in a variety of settings including home and school-based services, adult corrections and juvenile detention, inpatient hospital settings, and community-based organizations. Lauren is very passionate about being involved in her community. Lauren serves on the Board of Directors for a non profit organization, Sponsor 4 Success. Lauren is also the Executive Director of MindFest , a mental health festival. In addition, Lauren is a certified grant writer with strengths in relationship building and communication.  As a public speaker and facilitator, Lauren utilizes her experience to educate and engage others on mental health and wellness topics in corporate, school, and community settings. 

Lauren has a strong passion for helping children, adolescents, individuals, and families through various life transitions in her community.  Lauren believes in reducing the stigma of mental health within the community and helping others to overcome barriers to achieving success. Lauren is passionate about helping others become the best they can be despite life’s challenges.  Lauren believes it is essential to create a comfortable space for each individual to be heard and express themselves freely.