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Listen to the Signs.. It's Time to Pivot

March 09, 2023 Brittany A Johnson Season 4
LifeSaveHer The Podcast
Listen to the Signs.. It's Time to Pivot
Show Notes

In this episode Brittany has a conversation with Ucheonye about how she made the pivot from her corporate job after 26 years. Ucheonye and Brittany discuss how being high achievers play a roll in the hesitation to pivot.  During the discussion Brittany and Ucheonye discuss the importance of listening to your body and the signs that a change is needed.  

Ucheonye Maple is a transformational speaker, women’s leadership development specialist and author with 2 decades of industry experience.  She is the founder and Managing Director of Aghaeze-Maple Enterprises, a leadership and personal development training company.  She founded the Women’s Business Accelerator TM , where he helps professional senior level women turn their unique gifts and abilities into a profitable business so they can live the life they want and love the work they do.  

She built the Women’s Business Essentials Starter Kit, a series of online courses guiding emerging women entrepreneurs through the steps of starting a small business.  In 2020, she started the LEAP Forward TVTM , a VLOG platform for thought leaders, change agents and trail blazers who are providing thought provoking conversations to help people leap forward in their lives.

Additionally, she is the author of Better Not Bitter and the co-author of Resilient: The Keys to Being Brilliant.

She travels and has spoken on the topics of transformational leadership, empathy is the new workplace currency and leading in todays marketplace.

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