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You Have Options How Real Estate Can Give You Freedom

January 12, 2023 Brittany A Johnson Season 4
LifeSaveHer The Podcast
You Have Options How Real Estate Can Give You Freedom
Show Notes

In today's episode Brittany has a conversation with Coach Dana Spencer. Dana talks about her decision to leave corporate America and start her career in real estate. Dana's mindset on using real estate to solve problems and her ability to do what it takes while maintaining her values is inspirational. This short episode gives you an introduction to Dana. Dana is on a mission to help 1k single mothers invest in real estate to start their journeys to financial freedom

Dana Spencer spends her days doing what she loves: hanging out at the coffee shop, creating, speaking, coaching, educating on the benefits of ownership, and staying connected with family and friends.  She is the single mother of her only son, Justin.  She advises on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit Master Builders Academy.  She partners with lenders, real estate agents, and credit counselors to educate the community about the importance of ownership.  Before leaving corporate America after more than 25 years of service, Dana was a Senior Technology Implementation Professional for 10 years.  She believes that the technology skill sets from corporate easily transfers to real estate.

As mentioned in the episode here are the links to Dana's book, her website, and the pre-sale link for her upcoming course.

Here is the link to her book: A Beginners Guide to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate 
Here is the link to her course Financial Freedom Cheat Code Online Course. 
Use code CHEATCODE2023 By using the code and ordering on the pre-sale you save $900
Coach Dana's website:

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