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Mental Load or Burn Out

November 10, 2022 Brittany A Johnson Season 3
LifeSaveHer The Podcast
Mental Load or Burn Out
Show Notes

In this episode Brittany has a conversation with Shlomit Tassa. Shlomit and Brittany discuss the differences of mental overload and burnout. They look similar and contribute to each other. Brittany and Shlomit discuss how typically one person in the house carries the mental load and how overwhelming it can be for that person and how it impacts the household as a whole. Make sure you grab the free course from Shlomit below!!!

About Shlomit:
Shlomit Tassa was a corporate manager with frequent flyer status and an expense account. It was fun and exciting at first. But with 3 kids and aging parents added over time, it became overwhelming and exhausting. Following her own burnout experience, Shlomit now coaches ambitious women on how to avoid or recover from overwhelm and chronic stress. She now juggles work, eye rolling teens, and being a primary care giver, together with some aerial yoga, puzzles and museums. It is still a stretch, but it is no longer overwhelming. She'd love to help you do the same!

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