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Unconditional Self Love is Possible

October 06, 2022 Brittany A Johnson Season 3
LifeSaveHer The Podcast
Unconditional Self Love is Possible
Show Notes

In this episode Brittany has a conversation with Luke Greenheart on how he created unconditional self love. Luke discusses his childhood experiences growing up with a mother who had a severe mental illness. Luke discusses how that experience impacted his self love and the ways it was taking over his life. Luke discusses how he started the process to self love and shares his methods on how others can achieve it as well.
** trigger warning we do discuss suicidal ideation

Luke Greenheart is a holistic mental health practitioner who aids those in developing their quality of life, bringing more function to their body and more joy to their life. Luke developed his holistic approach through not only his own personal battles with mental health, depression and suicidal issues but through caring for this mother who suffered severe schizophrenia, his love Danielle who had a cardiac arrest and was not only wheelchair bound but giving less than 5 years to live... now just over 7 years later she is not only alive but walking and Luke is free of 20 years of depression. This would not have been possible without an holistic approach to health and at the core the practice and nurture of self love. Rebuilding the inner unconditional love for one's self, regardless of the traumas inflicted through childhood and life. Luke is now on a mission to empower those to a greater health independence through holistic mental health practices and knowledge.
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